Recovery Gallery

Back Injury Fiscal Shrike Recovery - click on images to enlarge

Back injury - Fiscal Shrike on arrival

Back injury - Fiscal Shrike after two weeks - recovered
Back Injury Guinea Fowl

Back injury - Guinea Fowl on arrival

Back injury - Guinea Fowl 3 days later - recovered
Beak injury - Egret

Egret on arrival, weak and nearly dead.

Egret Splinted
Beak injury - Egret

Egret Three weeks later
Broken leg

click on image to enlarge
Burst crop - Green pigeon


Concussion with eye damage

Disfigured beak

Egyptian Goose back injury


Greenwood fracture

Mop thread

Neck wound

Orphaned Barn Owl

Poisoned Eagle

Smashed Thorax

Visceral pox

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