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Foot Injuries caused by thread etc

Birds feel as much pain as other animals. Human litter (cotton or nylon thread, hair mop and wool thread etc) gets entangled in their feet an cuts off their blood flow causing swelling, abscesses and gangrene. This birds foot fell off as it was lifted from the box it was brought in. Euthanased..............

Some other examples of foot injuries caused by "thread".

These are examples of a typical "death trap". A bundle of human hair, mop thread, gift trimmings, grass, nylon etc.
"Death trap" on left picked up on street corner oustside a restaurant in Faerie Glen, Pretoria.

Hair lying around outside hairdressing salons and fishing tackle also cause damage to birds.

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Wings in need is a haven, hospital and rehabilitation centre for injured, sick, poisoned or orphaned wild birds.