Bird Angel Of Pretoria - [14 April 2005 17:12]

Emsie Mohr with a hornbill which she nursed back to health after it had become anaemic and suffered temporary nerve damage as a result of it being infested with ticks.

A lack of experienced and caring avian veterinarians in the country and a dedication toward helping alleviate the plight of other injured forms of life, prompted Pretoria resident Emsie Mohr to establish Wings in Need - a hospital for wounded and orphaned wild birds in and around Pretoria.

After realizing that there was a gap in society which desperately needed to be filled, Mrs Mohr set about establishing the bird sanctuary in 1985, and today single-handedly cares for over 1000 birds a year. Through her hospital, Mrs Mohr has successfully managed to create an awareness among both vets and the general public that that birds, like all other animals need facilities where they can be nursed back to health.

"The general public and establishments such as the SPCA and the National Zoo refer or bring birds daily to Wings in Need where they are medically treated, rehabilitated and released in a responsible manner," says Mrs Mohr.

Working in close co-operation with a dedicated avian vet, the hospital provides round-the-clock medical treatment. Thanks to the medical tuition she received from various vets over the years, Mrs Mohr is able to diagnose illnesses administer the necessary medication.


Thousands of indigenous birds, including rare and endangered species, have been returned to nature by this centre. Although Wings in Need is affiliated to the SPCA, it is totally dependent on the support of ordinary bird lovers.

In order to ensure that the hospital remains a viable venture, Mrs Mohr hopes support will either come in the form of donations or sponsorships which will enable her to obtain further specialized equipment and afford a full-time assistant.


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